Featured Project

This is a product marketing site for a long-time client in Portland, OR. They manufacture outdoor furniture & accessories. The site is built with Kirby, a very flexible and extensible CMS, allowing them to manage 100% of their content, including their extensive product catalog.

Role: UX, design, development

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Open Source

I maintain various projects on GitHub that serve as both underlying frameworks & modules for my client work, and sandboxes for learning.

stringer — A Sass-based, front-end framework that I use to kick off many of my client projects.

View stringer on GitHub

elmenu — A very lightweight jQuery menu system you can add to your (jQuery driven) site or app for the low, low price of 6kB.

View elmenu on GitHub

wp-git-starter — A starting point for my WordPress + Git workflow.

View twp-git-starter on GitHub